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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

WFMW: Writer....Uninterrupted

For once I have something that works for me that has to do with writing.

Lately I have had to work at my computer, a lot. I have several blogs to work on, administrative work to do for our women's ministry, tons of email, not to mention actually writing-writing. All this while my kids ask questions about their school work or run around screaming (which they always seem to do when I get on the phone start working at the computer). I finally realized that I needed some way to let them know that I AM WORKING! without yelling it every time they try to talk to me.

We came up with an interesting solution--not perfect mind you, but it helps. When I am working I put on music. So if the music is on and I am at my computer then I am working. Period. The nice thing is that the music also drowns out their noise to some extent. My husband, who works at home as a programmer and also needs to concentrate, does this as well. The kids know if music is playing that they are not to interrupt, or that they must at least say excuse me and then wait until we give them the go ahead to speak. At the very least it makes them think twice before speaking which is always good. (I also try to save movies or playing outside for when I NEED to focus.)

I wonder how others do it, especially those who like me don't work on a schedule. How do you make deliberate time to write, or do any other project, without kid interruptions, especially if you homeschool?

Heather Young is a saved by grace, homeschooling, mother of three, wife of one, writer, artist, and web designer who drinks way too much coffee and spends too much time at her computer. She writes for Graced by Christ, Laced by Grace, Everyday Miracles, and Writer....Interrupted. Someday, God willing, she will finish one of her WIP and attempt to get it published, but not until God says the timing is right.


Mari said...

This is a great idea! I don't work at home, and I have a 12 month old, so it doesn't apply too much to me, but I love it anyway!
I think my 3 1/2 year old would understand that music means calm down a bit and let me "work" by myself. I'll try it next time I'm feeling overwhelmed by his being ON TOP OF ME.

Tracy said...

We play music while we work at home too.

My best solution, (we're a homeschooling home with eight children) is to wake up earlier
in the morning than they do...and
to work at night after they've gone
to bed. My hubby and I just get right to work most nights after
the last of the children are in bed.

Mrs. Darling said...

First of all I dont do as much writing as you do. How I wish I could but with the kids there is just no way I can be at my computer. I get up before they do and go to bed after they do. Thats when I get my computer work done. During the day I cant do anything on the computer unless it's coming here to run off a page we need for school or something. I have no idea how you all find the time. I am in the schoolroom from nine to 1:30 every day and then theres the housework and dinner and all. I'm so envious of people who can carve out time for their pursuits. sigh Some day when the kids are gone...shoot...then I'll probably live on the internet. That might not be healthy either! LOL

Jennifer said...

Good idea. My best time is the 30 to 45 minutes that I have in the mornings, specifically waiting until then to do it. I don't homeschool, so I get time during the day when I take it, too.

Amy said...

Great ideas! I take advantage of my daughter's nap time and my son's hour of quiet time (which includes him watching a show on television). I am in charge of our daughter and my husband is responsible for our son in the evening. Our daughter goes to bed at 7:30 and I work from 7:30-9:00. Then I relocate downstairs, and my husband takes over the computer from 9:00-11;00. We are still working out the kinks- writing is tough with little ones.

Mary said...

I require "room-time" from my 3. The youngest is a toddler, and she naps 2 hrs...the others have one hour of book-time or it's equal in quiet playtime. If it's summer, then they go outside.