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Friday, October 06, 2006

Introducing: Mick Silva

Mick Silva is the youngest acquisitions editor at WaterBrook Press, specializing in narrative nonfiction and select fiction. The usual background stuff: 2 decades of Christian education in California. Eldest son to a pastor’s family of 3 boys. Some general Holden Caufield experience at a Christian college. Post-grad Europe trip to escape the frustrating absence of public outcry for his memoirs, etc., etc.

Logically, he went to work for Focus on the Family, spending five years as penance for his misspent youth, writing, editing, and keeping detailed notes for his eventual memoirs. Now as unofficial “Focus on the Family” editor for WaterBrook—which incidentally came with a much bigger bookshelf to hold his 217 daily journals—he wears square-frame glasses to look older and likes to be seen holding meetings at Starbucks at least a couple times a week. Visit


Tina said...

Hi Mick! I'm newly contracted with Waterbrook, so we are sort of family. LOL. :)

Anonymous said...

Meetings at Starbucks? I'm there!

Michelle said...

Hey, Mick. Long time, no speak. :) How's it going? Having fun yet at Waterbrook?