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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Spending Time with Your Teens

As a family of readers, we love to discuss the books we're enjoying. I have
two sons, ages 13 and 14. Our weekly family Bible studies are always fun and
let me tell you...teens see stuff we boring adults miss.

Proverbs is a hoot if taken literally (beware of a woman who is a snare and will capture you with her eyelids) and stuff like that. Oh, and in Luke when it talks about two MEN lying in bed and one is taken and the other left, it actually says
men. The next line says women. Leave it to kids to find something like that
and ask why it says men. Sheesh. My youngest said, "Mom, that's disturbing,"
and we all laughed. That's probably the most fun we have.

The discussions are also great. We follow the yearly plan developed by Discipleship Journal Magazine. And sometimes we play Uno attack. That's fun enough to make you
laugh until you cry. We also have brainy games. Just being together and
interacting is a great experience. Thankfully my kids are still enjoying
family time. I'm glad we make the time to have it because it's THAT
important to our family health. :)

Michelle Sutton
Writing truth into fiction...digging deeper, soaring higher
Writer/fiction reviewer

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