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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Does he praise you?

Her husband Praises her.
Proverbs 31:28

Phil has to get up for work two and a half hours from now; four central standard time. I've now been up twenty one hours.

Maybe I am crazy. Don't tell me if I am, OK?

I made some commitments and I intend to keep them. One of them is simply a personal promise I made to myself concerning my husband. Some mornings I really kick myself for it, but there are times that it feels really good. I wanted to make an impact on my husband's day. He works hard and I wanted to do something to let him know that I appreciate him. So I decided that I would get up with him every morning to make his coffee, his lunch, and kiss him on his way out. Before you get that June Cleaver image in your head, let me assure you, I am not anywhere close.

He was at work one day eating his lunch and conversation turned to wives and mornings and making lunches. Phil was the only one who had a wife that got up to make her husband lunch. All of the gentleman with him were envious. As the weeks went by, Phil would hear comments like,

"Yeah, well Phil's wife makes his lunch."

"He's special, his wife fills his thermos for him in the morning."

They teased, "Does she turn back your bed and put a mint on your pillow?"

The teasing was all in good fun, but digging a little deeper and recognizing their envy made me a little sad. I wish every wife would do something for her husband that would make him praise her. I wish every husband could walk around with a smile on his face knowing that something is different in their relationship; something that he praises her for.

When Phil came home that first day and told me how he was the only husband who was "spoiled" enough to get his coffee and lunch made, it made me feel good. He was really proud of it and while pride usually has a negative connotation in a Christian's life, I really think its ok for a husband to be proud of his wife. I think it boosts his self confidence and days go by with less stress.

Why don't you try it for a week. Get up a little earlier and make him coffee and make his lunch. If he doesn't take his lunch, make him breakfast. If you already do this stuff, slip a note in the lunchbox with a reminder of how sexy you find him.

Check back with me next Saturday and tell me if it made a difference in his attitude during the week.

My thoughts grew hot within me and began to burn, igniting a fire of words
Psalm 39:3

Michelle Pendergrass is a coffee-lover who lives in Knox, Indiana where she homeschools her son, Zane. She blogs at Just A Minute. When you visit, please note that her son is most definitely weaned and has been for some time now. Some names just stick.

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Gina said...

Good for you, and him:)!

My husband eats breakfast at the office and always eats lunch out, but when I do occassionally get up early (NOT a morning person) and make breakfast, I know he appreciates it.

For me though,it won't become a regular thing because when I do things "regular" they become ordinary and not appreciated as much.:)

I know I shouldn't look for the appreciation, but just do it out of love and devotion. Maybe some day...After all I'm still a Work In Progress!

Andrew said...

I let my wife put her toes on me when she is cold -- does that count? :o)

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Michelle Pendergrass said...

You've got a point, Gina. I had thought that it was not a special thing anymore until he came home and said no one else's wife did it. Now, I regularly get compliments and I think he realized that it wasn't something he should expect, but something he should respect.

I know its not for everyone. It's just one of the way I can show him I appreciate him.

Andrew--that ABSOLUTELY counts!!!

Mary said...

Great reminder, Michelle, and I used to do this all the time. This past week, believe it or not, I've been getting back into that groove! Your post just reaffirmed that I'm doing the right thing. My dh's co-workers also used to comment about him always having a nice lunch. They're usually scrounging for coins to spend on a vending machine lunch.
What interrupted my "good intentions" was my difficult third pregnancy. My dh is such a dear guy and told me to quit getting up early with him. I should never have stayed in that rut though.
Oh, and I'm just talking about fixing his lunches. He won't eat breakfast, it doesn't settle well.

Heather said...

My hubby works at home. He eats at random times, sometimes with us, sometimes no. He gets up at 2:30 am to work since then he gets plenty of time alone. HE used to get up early and send ME off to work with a kiss and my lunch. :) Now my "get up early and make him lunch" is to get up early and walk with him before the kids get up. Same intent, different execution. (I used to try to make him meals, get up early and do special things for him, etc. It drove him insane. He is not a morning person and doesn't like having to eat what and when we do.:))

C. H. Green said...

I've actually packed my husband lunch recently, and it was so out of character that he actually forgot it. I laughed when I saw it on the counter. He still thanked me though.

Mary said...

Hey, Michelle, I tried to post a comment at your blog, twice and blogger wouldn't let me. For one thing, the blogger comment box wouldn't expand to full-screen and the verification letters were half hidden. Anyway, wanted to tell you thanks for the link to the candles! I've never heard of leather-scented ones, and my dh, being a leather man (builds saddles and much more)would get a kick out of that! Plus, I LOVE the scent!