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Monday, September 18, 2006

Free Books for Big Mouths!

SPREAD THE WORD . . . tell all your friends!

Calling all bloggers, MOPS groups, parenting clubs, Sunday school groups, and people with really BIG mouths.

I'm putting together my influencer list for Generation NeXt Parenting. (Which means I'm looking for people to give a free book to who will spread the word!)

It's a non-fiction parenting book for Gen Xers (born between 1961-1981). To give you a taste of the "flavor" of this book, all the chapter titles are 80s songs. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun . . . You Gotta Have Faith . . . Once in a Lifetime . . .

(The book will be out the end of September. Yeah!)

Here is the book description:

Generation NeXt Parenting

Get Real, Become Focused, Begin Thriving!

You're a generation of parents aspiring to excellence in every way, but you're also just plain tired. You don't need another parenting book promising perfection or another formula guaranteeing great kids; you need practical advice that shows how to deal with your and your children's hearts.

If you're worn out from trying to do too much while giving your child every opportunity under the sun, if you're striving to excel in every way but suffering from a lack of focus, this book is your solution. It will help you understand how your specific tendencies are common to your generation as a whole.

You'll embrace the positive qualities that enable you to parent for God's glory. Lay a firm foundation and thrive as you raise up the next generation!

. . If you're interested in a FREE copy email me your name and address. And let me know how BIG your mouth is . . . and how you can help promote this book!

Also, if you have a BLOG, I'll send TWO free books. One for you and one to give away!

Email: (change at to @)

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