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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Whatever You Do...

“…whatever you do, do all things to the glory of God.”
I Corinthians 10:31

This Scripture was a convicting one for me because I am so guilty of not doing all things to the glory of God. Though I am learning about how to invite God's glory into my daily life, I usually grumble (outloud and under my breath) about having to do the laundry, fix dinner, clean up spills, etc, when I'd rahter be writing, blogging or reading.

I'm also learning (though slowly) to be content in all things. That God hasn't called me to juggle a bunch of hats at once, instead He's called me to wear one at a time..
It's so much easier that way! When I'm homeschooling, I wear the homeschooling hat, when I'm cooking the domestic hat, but only if it were that simple because while wearing one of the not so pretty hats, the dazzling writer's hat always catches my eye. It is then I need to remind myself to be content in all things and the time will come when I get to put on my writer's hat.

Sure sometimes I take off my other hats and place the more desireable ones on my head, but then God calls me back to my purpose. To be content in wearing one hat at a time.

Gina Conroy , is founder of Writer...Interrupted and a homeschooling mom to four. She writes about her experiences trying to balance it all. Her co-authored book , Anytime Prayers for Everyday Moms is available now!


pandacanup said...

Whoa, can I relate with you here! And might I add that sometimes it seems like I tie my identity too much to whatever hat I'm wearing, which is depressing when it happens to be the housework one. Instead, I should remember that my identity is now in Christ, no matter what I'm doing. Maybe your encouragement to do everything for His glory is a double blessing: I have a greater purpose, and I will better remember my true identity! Thanks for your insight!

Macromoments said...

Gina, I love your focus on contentment. If we practice it enough, it becomes who we are, instead of a goal to reach.

I'm enjoying this blog a lot. Thank you.

Blair said...

Like Chanda - I can relate all too well. Thank you for the reminder, I needed it as sometimes I just want to stomp all over that cleaning hat and stuff it in the garbage can with the umpteenth spill I just cleaned up :)