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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How to pitch

Before I talk about how to pitch (and I don't mean a baseball), I would like to invite people to visit my blog and sign up for an opportunity to win a free book by Susan May Warren called Reclaiming Nick. I will be posting an interview by her on Wednesday. Margaret's blog link

One of the most important reasons to go to a conference is to pitch to an editor and/or agent. Many CBA publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. This is a good way to get yourself before an editor you have targeted. In the spring conferences you can attend really start popping up. The big one will be in September (ACFW) in Dallas. So start practicing now.

1.Know who you are pitching to-You do not want to waste your time nor the editor or agent. If they don't publish what you are trying to pitch, then it is wasting everyone's time.

2.Prepare the pitch and practice-You can in front of a mirror or with another friend (preferably a writer).

3.Be professional in dress and manner-No slipping an editor your manuscript under the bathroom stall door (you laugh, but that has actually happened).

4.Prepare questions you may have for the editor or agent (this is especially true for a meeting with an agent).

5.Anticipate questions and practice answers-Examples of questions might be: how is your book different; what is the protagonist's motivation, goal and conflict; who is your target audience; how are you going to promote this book?

6.Get a business card if possible from the editor/agent.

7.Make notes after meeting-You can write the note in a notebook or on the back of the editor's business card that she gives you (look at number 6). We tend to forget the details of these meetings sometimes and this is a way to keep it fresh in our minds.

8.Breathe, smile and have fun!-Also you can write a thank you note to the editor or agent. This is another way to get your name in front of them. Do not go over your time and take up someone's else appointment.

Margaret Daley
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Macromoments said...

Margaret, #8 is the ribbon on the package. It's both courteous and smart.
Thanks for an excellent post! (Writers can even jot a note of thanks on the back of a business card and send that after a conference.