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Monday, January 29, 2007

Carnival Of Christian Writers # 4 -- January 2007

This months carnival is full of wonderful posts from Editors, Authors, and readers for your intellectual and recreational reading pleasure. Special thanks to Michelle Pendergrass for putting together the last severeal carnival. We bid her farewell from the fairgrounds as she pursues other writing opportunies. But I've been assured, she'll still be a regular contributor.

Her vacancy means we're looking for a new coordinator. So don't hestiate to step up and join the Carnival of Christian Writers.

Please keep your hands and feet inside at all times and buckle up for your safety. Enjoy the ride...

Literary Agent Terry Whalin discusses Making Your Books Stand Out. I'm thrilled to annouce Terry has just launched his own agency, you can view the details at his site: Whalin Literary Agency.

Jennifer Tiszai at Sonoran Saga offers a wonderful post on Writing From The Senses.

Jennifer at Snapshot tackles The Great American Novel.

Lillie Amman at A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye looks at Writing About Tragedy.

Mark Goodyear at Good Word Editing washes away writer's block with S.O.A.P

Michelle Gregory at Life In The Midst Of Writing is Dancing With God.

Gina Conroy at Portrait Of A Writer...Interrupted tells us What She Learned While Not Writing.

Heather Goodman at L'Chaim tries to figure out the whole pomolit thing.

Michelle Pendergrass at Just A Minute tells a trucking story while exploring how to listen to the story everyone wants to tell in Cursed Or Blessed?

To participate in next month's carnival, send submissions to And if you'd like to host the carnival at your blog next month, let me know!

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