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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Volunteer Positions at Writer...Interrupted

Have you been blessed by this ministry? Are you a member of the webring and want to get involved but can't commit to writing a regular column? Why not consider the following volunteer positions. I'm realizing as Writer...Interrupted is growing, I can no longer do it all by myself and so many of you have been a huge help already. Prayerfully consider ways in which you can help Writer...Interrupted grow and reach other writers like ourselves.

Mid-Week Motivation Coordinator: Will organize participates and make sure the Mid-week Motivations are posted every Wednesday.

Carnival of Christian Writer's Coordinators: Michelle Pendergrass has been doing an EXCELLENT job of organizing and recruiting for the carnival, but I anticipate that soon we will be going weekly and would like to lighten her load. Job description includes organizing submissions, making sure the submissions are appropriate for the carnival, and posting on the given day.

New Member Coordinator: This person would email new members of the webring, and then post their bios, links and photos.

Calendar Coordinator: This person will check the schedule, and make sure there are posts in drafts for each day. If a draft is missing, the coordinator will email the person scheduled a reminder to post.

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