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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mid-Week Motivations STILL Needed

Is anyone missing the mid-week pick me up? I am! And going into the holiday season I could sure use some motivation right now!

I know we have a bunch of talented, Jesus loving writers on our webring, and I bet amongst the 50 plus members, there's got to be a few of you that God's been tugging on your heart, nudging you to step out in faith and participate in this Wednesday ministry.

You don't have to have a degree in theology, or have even attended a Christian college. The only requirements to writing this column is that you have a heart for the Lord, are willing to share what He's been speaking to you, and that you're a member of the webring. (If you're not a member, but you're a reader, then why not consider joining!)

If you'd like a better idea of what we're wanting in the menu, check out the Wednesdays in November and then leave a comment or email. We're looking for Mid-Week Motivators starting NOW!

Maybe your strength is in the devotional area and not the cooking segment. That's okay! We could pair you up with someone to compliment your strengths! So think about, pray about it! Then do something about it! Take a step of faith in the right direction to advancing your writing career! Plus, it'll look great on your writing resume!

Mid-Week Motivation Menu

Starting Your Day Out Right!
Scripture, Short Devotion

Is Your House in Order?
Cleaning, parenting, marriage, organization tips, etc.

Afternoon Pick Me Up
Writing inspiration

What's For Dinner?
Quick dinners, crock pots, etc.

A Restful Night's Sleep
Scripture for a restful sleep

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

I'd like to help out in any way. It will really help to get the juices flowing.