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Saturday, November 11, 2006

With Honor, I Remember

Father God,

We bend our knee to you and bow our heads in remembrance of those who have served and who are still faithfully serving. We remember those who never came home. They are yours, Father, and though our eyes may never meet theirs we know that you have each and every one of them in them in your almighty sight. I pray for your strength and endurance for those still in battle. I beg you to pour your love over them, over their families and friends. Send down your angels of protection to sit with them and tend to them. May every single Veteran and Serviceman know your love and know we're praying for them. In Jesus' precious name I pray, Amen.

Michelle Pendergrass is a coffee-lover who lives in Knox, Indiana where she homeschools her son, Zane. She blogs at Just A Minute. When you visit, please note that her son is most definitely weaned and has been for some time now. Some names just stick.

©2006 Michelle L. Pendergrass - All Rights Reserved


Gina said...

Beautiful and fitting tribute, thank you!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Michelle. Really nice.

I blogged about my World War II vet relatives yesterday in their honor.

Heather said...

Wanted to let you know, someone commented on my blog about this post and was impressed, though I am not sure why she thought it was me. Anyway, here is what she said:

First of all, I saw the Veterans post on Writer...Interupted and wanted to tell you that it was beautiful. I have a friend who was in Viet Nam. Just recently he told his story to a News Reporter and they featured it on Memorial Day Weekend. Ever since leaving Viet Nam he has been searching for the daughter of his buddy. Rich was trying to get his wounded friend to safety when the friend was hit by yet more bullets. His body shielded Rich, who promised he would find the man's daughter and return his personal affects to her. Not until last year did he find the daughter and give her those things. All these years he left notes at the monument, notes on websites, etc... all without result. And then he got a phone call from the daughter. They arranged to meet in NY City where she lives. Rich and his fiance flew to NY City, presented the daughter with her Dad's things, went to his grave and placed a wreath. It was an awesome story about two true heroes among the multitudes of heroes who deserve our unending gratitude.

This was left by Just wanted to pass it on becaus eyou ertainly deserve the credit. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for passing that along Heather.

My dad's a Vietnam Vet and they've got a special place in my heart.