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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

From a Spontaneous Mom

  • Why is it that:

*The clothes I tried so hard to get back into (after having a baby) are now out of style?
*I can NEVER get caught up on laundry, dishes or sleep?
*My brain turned to mush just as soon as my second son was conceived?
*I can never find the remote control, but I can find a lego in the middle of the night--with the tender part of my foot?!

Oh, well--this is a chaotic stage of life. I'm trying to embrace the chaos and not get bogged down in it. To help in that endeavor, I've been reading a really funny, practical book. The title is great--it's a Mommy Question extraordinaire: If I'm Diapering a Watermelon, Then Where'd I leave the Baby? by Carol Barnier The subtitle is "Help for the Highly Distractible Mom." I love it!

Often, I've found myself wondering why I couldn't be a little more like Martha Stewart (in her pre-prison days!) and less like Lucy Ricardo. I mean, I can get into trouble faster than anyone I know! I really try to be organized and "with it"--but it doesn't happen very often. I lose my purse, my keys, and my cellphone regularly. Sometimes, I think I might lose my head if it wasn't attached. (And some days, I'd like to lose it so I could get some peace! I have so many thoughts running through my brain at all times, I think I'll explode. That's why I journal--to get all those thoughts out on paper and calm my heart.)

Things happen to me that don't happen to other people. Case in point: the other day, when I was speaking to a MOPS group in Rockwall, Texas, a centerpiece CAUGHT ON FIRE! No joke!!! I wish I was a quick thinker like my hubby. He would have come up with a great one-liner like, "Wow, I'm on fire tonight!" All I could do was laugh and say, "Well, there's another story!"
I guess God lets things happen to me so I'll have good writing material. But honestly, on certain days, I want to say, "I have enough already!" :)

So if you're a highly distractible mom like me, take comfort in this thought from Barnier: "Your children were placed in your home by a wise and all-loving God who knew what He was doing. There is something your children are supposed to absorb from your love of life and spontaneity that they will need if they are to become what God has intended for them. . . And there are people to be reached for the kingdom who are tailor-made to be attracted to your spontaneous, casual, delight-filled ways."

Spontaneous moms, rock on!!!
Dena Dyer


Tina said...

Yeah! Rock on! :) That was such a great post Dena. I feel like that so often!
I think I have diapered a watermelon before, back when my daughter was tiny.

lori said...

I so agree with you.

Gina said...

I'm with you this. I used to be 20 minutes early to EVERYTHING, that was before kid number three. Now with four and homeschooling, I'm lucky if I REMEMBER my appointments!

And lots not even mention how much money I've given the library because of overdue books and videos! They should name a wing after me!

Anonymous said...

I've been pregnant so long, honey, the clothes I can't fit into are back in style. :-(

Jennifer Tiszai said...

I love that last quote. I just find that so reassuring and comforting. I might have to put that up next to my computer for those days when my brain is completely mush. . . which is most of them. :)