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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Real Women Scrap Sale and Contest

Real Women Scrap is having a BIG sale all day on Thursday, November 30!

Starting at 12:01 a.m. (PST) we'll begin the festivities. Be sure to check in frequently for prize give-aways, sales and more.

Things you can do to prepare ...

A. Take a self-portrait. We aren't looking for the perfect, posed image. We are looking for the self-portrait that you took using one hand!

B. We want to see what's in a real women's refrigerator. Open the door and take a cleaning, rearranging, or organizing beforehand.

C. Spell out the words "Real Women Scrap" using whatever materials you want. It could be chocolate, crayons, lipstick, legos, Fruit Loops, ribbon, or anything else. Creativity counts! Don't forget to take a photo!

D. Complete your contest entry for the Real Women Scrap Contest ending at midnight tonight.

E. We will be looking for the "Real Woman" of the YEAR. They will be officially titled and treated like royalty all year long. VIP treatment, layout reviews, personal consultations. So you must prepare a picture of yourself holding a sign that reads "Real Women Scrap 2007 Woman of the Year."

Spread the Word. Bookmark the blog and reload frequently all day long!

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