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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thinking outside the Box
Short Bible studies may be your answer.

As parents of small children we learn to adapt and cope with situations previously never imagined. Sleepless nights, prams you need a college
degree to put up and down and daily routines around nap times become a way
of life. Over time as our children grow up, different milestones are
achieved and new challenges present themselves.

One new challenge faced by myself and others in my church mothers group
was how to run a Bible study and look after our children at the same time.
No volunteers came forward to run a crèche so we prayed for a solution.

We had a two hour window of opportunity and a group large enough to split
in half. We decided to break up into two groups; one group did a Bible
study whilst the other group looked after the children and then we
swapped. After allowing time for prayer we found ourselves with thirty
minutes per group at the most for Bible study.

After a fruitless search for short studies that would be suitable for our
group made up of both seekers and mature Christians, we started writing
our own studies based on the Gospel of Mark. The
website contains these studies and others that we have written for our
group. They are available at no cost in pdf format.

The circumstances of our lives can make it difficult to become involved in
a Bible study group. Pray for a solution, think outside the square and
like us God may surprise you with the creativity of His answers to prayer.

Narelle Atkins is a Christian fiction writer and is working towards her goal of publication. She lives in Canberra, Australia and is a co-founder of

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