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Monday, August 21, 2006

Heather Young

I am a 32 year old Christian, Homeschooling mother of 3, and wife of a wonderful, Christian husband. I am currently working once a week as researcher and encourager for an appraiser and antiques dealer (reading all of those historical books has finally come in handy). I have also done numerous commissioned art works and a few photography stints.

I have done a few websites for others as well as many of my own. I have yet to be paid for any of my writing, which is probably remotely related to the fact that I haven't tried. I do however feel the urge to write and have been journaling, designing websites (in order to post my writing), and writing on blogs for over 7 years. (I even had one of the first Blogger accounts way back when:))

In all of these "things" I know that the Lord has called me to write and therefore attempt to write at least something daily, relying on Him to help me learn more about being a better writer. He is faithful and is growing me in this as well as in other things. My real goal is to please Him and be a blessing to others. If my writing can help another to grow closer to Him then it has done it's duty. If it can help her in any other way to be a little more the woman He designed her to be, then I am content.

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