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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Georgiana Daniels

Meet Georgiana Daniels who's working hard to write a novel, be a housewife extraordinaire, and super-mommy to three. Here's what she has to say...


I admit it, I'm an addict, and I don't want to recover. There's something wonderful about opening a fresh book, creasing the first page with anticipation. It's like getting a fix, and as soon as I'm done with one, I'm looking for the next. Maybe you're like me and just haven't admitted it yet. That's why I'm here to tell you, you know you're a book addict when....

1. You burn more calories turning pages than you do during your 30 minute walk.

2. You have to visit the book section everywhere you go, even at the grocery store.

3. The world stops when you're in the middle of a good book. The laundry overflows, the sink is full of crusty dishes, and you don't notice your kids are in PJ's all day eating cold cereal.

4. Every time your husband/wife/significant other sees you with a new book, you pretend it's from the library, because you already spent your book allotment for the entire year in January.

5. You spend more money on books every month than on your phone/electric/Visa bill. You know you've got a problem if you spend more on books than you do on gas.

P.S. My husband knows how much I spend. Really.

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C. H. Green said...

I had to laugh when I read this. I just spent a good chunk of change on three books and read them in a day and a half.

GeorgianaD said...

Speed reader! Thankfully (I think) I am a slow reader, being fast could really get expensive!