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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Real Women Scrap

The results are in! Here’s what the experts are saying about Real Women Scrap...

“Scrapbooking is much more than a hobby—it’s a priceless opportunity to know and love yourself, before it's too late. In Real Women Scrap, Tasra reveals the power in scrapbooking to help you examine your life and make a difference in the lives of others. She just gets it and I love her for it.”
—Stacy Julian, Founding Editor, Simple Scrapbooks magazine; Founder and Co-owner, Big Picture Scrapbooking

“Any woman who is looking for an anchor to her self-worth, identity and faith will find it within the peaceful pages of Tasra Dawson’s book. As I read her final thoughts I had an overwhelming urge to jump to my feet and give her a standing ovation.”
—Jill Davis, Founder & Creative Director,

“Filled with fresh ideas, heartwarming stories, and valuable lessons, Real Women Scrap is a charming, life-changing guide for all of us who can picture a happier, more peaceful existence. Using scrapbooking as a metaphor, Tasra Dawson brilliantly shows us how the unique wisdom inherent in creating a satisfying page can be applied to creating a gratifying life.”
—Wendy Bagley, Author, Scraps: Adventures in Scrapbooking

“Tasra Dawson presents powerful and inspirational ideas that will find a home with many women who need to hear just this message. I can see a lot of women drawing strength from the ideas Tasra shares. You can't help but connect the ideas to your own life. If you are searching for the meaning and purpose of your own life, this book will help you find it.”
—Angie Pedersen, best-selling author of The Book of Me series

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Tasra Dawson said...

Thanks for the great plug for the book. We've had such a great response to it and many signups for the free monthly newsletter!